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Fresh Cuts, Vol. 1 (1/8/21)

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The new and improved Hello Texas playlist is here! Part podcast / part playlist. If you are a Spotify user - click on the link and follow along! You will be able to click on the music and follow the artist you like as you go.

In our first volume, we're focusing on recent and brand new music by some of our favorite artist.

  1. Mason Hays - Baptized by Whiskey The brand new DEBUT release is a strong start for the musician from Waco, Texas. We expect big things from Mason with such a great first effort. We're anxious to see what happens!

  2. Jackie Darlene - Man On The Moon We've been longtime fans of Jackie's voice. But her songwriting just keeps getting better and better. This song is a good example of that.

  3. Matt Castillo - Leaving Brownsville Tonight Matt has been working on his new music for some time. And we can't wait! The first cut off the new album is an outstanding start for Matt.

  4. Jade Marie Patek - Dancing With The Devil This is one of those career elevating songs. This is an anthem. It's time to get on the bandwagon now.

  5. The Wilder Blue - Feelin' The Miles After a great first album with Hill Country, the Wilder Blue comes out with a new song that changes the script. Such a great, unexpected song!

  6. Holly Beth - Break Your Heart One of those artist we feel like we discovered early in the game with nothing but up-side. Only a few songs on Spotify - but each one is rock solid. This one is no different

  7. Parker McCollum - To Be Loved By You One of Texas' boys has gone world-wide! The Limestone kid has grown up and become a hit artist on national country radio. The follow up to Pretty Heart promises to be just as big of a hit. We're pretty proud that Parker has made the move to become a national star.

  8. Kylie Frey - I Do Thing Kylie is on one heck of a roll and has caught the attention of all the music fans in Texas. I Do Thing is an up-tempo anthem that is flying up the charts.

  9. Austin Meade - Deja Vu We are super excited to see what's in store for Austin this year. This new cut off his upcoming album just makes us a little more giddy about how good the album is going to be.

  10. Eric Woodring - If I Could Fly We discovered Eric Woodring just recently. Just around the time his new album Campfire, Texas, was released. If you are a fan of Red Dirt Roots music - with songwriters like Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Blaze Foley - this album is for you.

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