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Five "Texas" Artist Every Country Fan Should Know

We are pretty lucky to live in the state with the best regional music in the country. Texas is so big, we have our own music chart. The problem is that some of the talented artists that live a play in Texas do not get the national attention they deserve. It is one of the missions of Hello Texas. To shine a light on the artist that truly deserves a bigger light to play under. This list probably won’t be a surprise to any true music fan in Texas. These are some of the biggest names in Texas that have fans across the country. They all deserve a spot on the national country music charts. This list is for the listeners and readers that don’t live in Texas and are looking for something more than the “Top 40” their local country stations play. These are five “Texas” artist that every country music fan in America should know:

5. Whiskey Myers - The little band out of Palestine, Texas, is about as solid as they come. Anyone that has seen them play live is an instant fan. They have opened for the Rolling Stones and are currently touring the country to sold out crowds each and every night. Their southern-rock style travels well. When you just need to rock-out, put on a Whiskey Myers CD and you can’t go wrong.

4. Cody Jinks - Maybe this guy has already arrived. He is one of the biggest draws in Texas already. His 2016 album, I’m Not the Devil, reached #4 on the Billboard chart and his 2018 album, Lifers, reached #2. He started his music career as the front-man of a heavy metal band. He’s since moved on as one of the biggest acts in Texas doing it his own unique way.

3. Flatland Cavalry - They make old school sound brand new. This Lubbock, Texas, band has blended the classic country sounds with the songwriting and creativity to keep the attention of the current generation better than any band. They are still a young band with only two albums under their belt, but they have quickly established themselves as the future of country music.

2. Randall King - We have been sold on Randall for a long time now. We expect that in a couple of years, every country music fan in America will know who Randall King is. He’s an accomplished songwriter and performer. He’s written for the likes of Garth Brooks and Garth sings his praises. We don’t think there is anyone else more capable of being a sure thing of being a superstar. We've often said if country music artist had stocks, we'd put it all on Randall.

1. Cody Johnson - This one may not be fair. Cody is the standard that others look at when it comes to how far a Texas artist can go. His last album (Ain’t Nothing To It) got to the #1 position on the US Country chart. The satisfying thing about Cody is that he’s the same artist today as he was when he started releasing music fourteen years ago. A true cowboy, Cody uses those values to guide him and the Rockin’ Cody Johnson Band. We don’t see any ceiling for Cody and think that he’ll be a name everyone will know for decades to come.

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