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Five Artist We Expect to EXPLODE in 2021

The bad news - 2020 sucked (duh). It killed a lot of things we hold near and dear to our hearts - mainly live music. But - the good news? The writing and recording didn’t stop. The creativity kept going. And we expect 2021 to be one of the most EPIC years ever when it comes to music. We can’t wait for all of the music written and recorded during the last year to be released. So today - We have FIVE artist that we expect big things from in 2021. There will be more than this…..but this is five of them. All of them poised to take that next step in their careers.

5. Taylor Branch and the Lone Star Ramblers - We sat down and talked to Taylor while they were raising funds for the recording of their new album. There may not be a harder working group of guys in the scene when it comes to getting things done. Taylor and the boys have been to the studio and we expect the album to come out soon. And when it does - look out. Go see these guys in person. Trust us.

4. Canaan Bryce

We met Canaan a couple years ago when he was one of the bands that played at Kokefest in 2019. These rocking guys out of Waxahachie caught our ears first. Then our eyes. So much fun to watch play. These guys are just itching to hit those big stages again and show off their high energy show. A new year with new music coming - it’s just a matter of time for these guys.

3. Huser Brothers - The boys out of Waco have wow’ed crowds all over the state over the last couple of years. We feel like we’ve watched these kids grow up right in front of our eyes because….well…..we have. Zach and Josh Huser carry on with a retooled lineup in their band and are currently in the studio getting their next release ready. Every time we see these guys perform, they just keep getting better and better.

2. Jackie Darlene - With one of the prettiest voices in country music, Jackie just released a new single - Man on The Moon. We’ve been fans of Jackie for quite awhile now. A staple of the Ft. Worth music scene, Jackie has put in the work and has the experience that has earned her a spot on the radio and big stages.

1. Austin Meade - Everybody. Pay attention. We sure have been. Nobody has played this little time hiccup with more savvy than Austin. His last album, Waves, is one of our favorites. So Austin has been patient and has built some momentum going in to 2021. He started with one of the best music videos of the year in November with Happier Alone. It’s all building to heck of a release for his new album - Black Sheep - on February 19th. We feel like this is Austin’s year to explode more than anyone.

We look forward to watching EVERYBODY explode in 2021 as we find our way back to live music once again! We are lucky to be able to live in the most creative and vibrant group of musicians in the country! See yall at the show!

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