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Featured Personality of the Day - Ronnie Schoepf

In addition to all the musicians, photographers, and artist that Texas has to offer, we're also featuring some of the people and personalities that help make Texas Music what it is. Our first "influencer" of 2020 is none other than Belton's own Ronnie Schoepf - owner of Schoepfs Bar-B-Q in Belton Texas. In 2009, Ronnie put up a stage in the backyard of the restaurant and started hosting shows on Thursday night of some "unknown" artist and gave them a place to play, with free admission to the public. Unknown artist (at the time) such as Whiskey Myers, Cody Johnson, and Parker McCollum. Eleven years later and Schoepfs Backyard has become a rite of passage for a lot of bands, and a place that national touring artist look forward to stopping at each and every year.

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