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Featured Artist - Songwriter - John Baumann

Featured Artist - Songwriter - John Baumann The West Texas troubadour called his shot with the 2017 hit single "Here I Come". "It's too soon for accolades and it's too late to quit So here I am And here I come" While John had established himself with some critically acclaimed releases such as West Texas Vernacular back in 2012, High Plains Alchemy in 2014, and Departures in 2015 - it was the 2017 release of Proving Grounds that kicked off a string of successes that has put John at the top of this generation of songwriters. Songs like Midland, Old Stone Church, and Pontiacs weave a personal painting of West Texas and the struggles John has gone through to make it to his place in music. Kenny Chesney included one of John's songs (Gulf Moon from the High Plains Alchemy album) and recently, John has teamed up with a few other singer/songwriters to form a Texas supergroup - The Panhandlers. The group consist of John, William Clark Green, Josh Abbott, and Cleto Codero of Flatland Calvary.

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