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Featured Artist of the Day - You Should Know - Shaker Hymns

You Should Know - Shaker Hymns This rockin little band out of San Marcos, Texas, blends rock and roll with vintage country to fit right in with the Texas artist. Lead singer Nyles Robakiewicz, guitarist JT Nava and Hunter Howell, bassist Dillion Schmadl and drummer Julian Emmerson have been playing gigs for about five years now and are poised to have a huge 2020. Nyles just recently won the LJT singer/songwriting contest and will be playing at the Larry Joe Taylor festival this year. The band has been touring on their album Honey, released in 2017. And just last week, the band released three songs to show that they're well on the way to lighting the summer on fire. Go check out this great new song - Not Alone - with Juilet McConkey:

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