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Featured Artist of the Day - Flatland Cavalry

Featured Artist - Flatland Cavalry

This powerhouse band out of Lubbock, Texas, has a unique country and Americana sound that mixes the themes and sounds of a bygone era with the skill and creativity to become the future sound of Country music for this generation.

The band, consisting of vocalist Cleto Cordero, drummer Jason Albers, bassist Jonathan Saenz, guitarist Reid Dilon, and newest member Wesley Hall, tours Texas and the nation showing off their songs from the critically acclaimed 2019 release - Homeland Insecurity.

The group got their start (with original fiddle player Laura Jane) when Cleto and Albers were roommates at Midland College in 2012. They met the other band members while attending Texas Tech University and joined forces in 2014 to release their debut EP, titled Come May, in 2015. Their rocket to fame came in to 2016 with the release of Humble Folks, with numerous hits including, Missing You, One I Want, Traveler's Song, and a duet with Cleto and (now fiance) Kaitlin Butts - A Life Where We Work Out.

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