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Featured Artist - Female Focus - The Rankin Twins

Today's Featured artist is a female two-fer. April Rankin-Hester and Amy Rankin-Tondre. The twins have been wow'ing Texas audiences for a good long while. In addition to being great musicians, they're also great photographers (Twinty Photography) and videographers (Twinty Films). They have taken some of the most iconic photos of some of our favorite Texas artist. Recently, they both added to their families with the addition of Amy's daughter Emerson and April's son Cruise, which keeps them pretty busy doing things other than music. The Rankin Twins got their start musically with the 2010 release of Headaches & Heartbreaks. They hit our radar with the release of 2014's Good Vibes and the hit single See Me Cryin'.

Featured Artist - Female Focus - The Rankin Twins

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