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Featured Artist - Female Focus - Bri Bagwell

Featured Artist of the Day - Bri Bagwell The Las Cruses, New Mexico, songstress started singing at 14 years old, singing with her twin brothers. In college at the University of Texas, Bri started playing in local clubs, building a following. In 2011, Bri put out her first self-released album - Banned in Santa Fe. In 2013, she released an EP simply titled - Bri Bagwell. In 2013 and 2014, Bri was named the Female Vocalist of the Year by the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards. In 2015, Ms. Bagwell released the hit album - When A Heart Breaks, including the hit singles "My Boots," "Beer Pressure," and "Don't Call." It was followed up by 2018's - In My Defense - which included hits "Cheat On Me," "If You Were a Cowboy," and "Asphalt and Concrete." Highly authentic and real, Bri tours regularly with her band (called The Banned).

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