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Episode 16 - Green Shirts and Psychos - Holly Beth

Hello Texas Podcast Episode16 - Holly Beth - Green Shirts and Psychos Tim Murphy and Steve Peters of Hello Texas bring you their take on Texas Music, Texas Photography, and Texas Fun In this episode, Steve and Tim chat with Holly Beth and her bandmates Colby Bunch and Ian Smith. They discuss Holly's evolution into the artist she is today, life on the road pre and post-Covid, and their upcoming projects. Recorded at The Backyard Bar, Stage, and Grill in Waco, Texas Holly Beth can be found on Spotify: Instagram: Follow Hello Texas everywhere. Website:​​ Instagram: Twitter:​​ Facebook:​​ Steve's Socials Instagram: Facebook:​​ Tim's anti-social's Interwebs:​​ Instagram: Instagram: Twitter:​​ Facebook:​​ Produced by Melissa Murphy. Theme song - On My Way by Michael Carubelli (used by permission)

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