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Episode 15 - Lightning in a Bottle - Lilly and The Implements

Hello Texas Podcast - Episode 15 - Lightning in a Bottle - Lilly and the Implements Tim Murphy and Steve Peters of Hello Texas bring you their take on Texas Music, Texas Photography, and Texas Fun In this episode, Steve and Tim chat with Lilly and the Implements - Lilly Milford, Wes Perryman, Jon Napier, and Evan Sheppard. They discuss the formation of the band, their brand new album, and more. Special guest Giovanni Carnuccio III and Jason Deckman pop in to give their insights.

Recorded at O'Briens Irish Pub in Temple, Texas Lilly and the Implements new album -

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Giovanni Carnuccio III new album - A Matter of Time -

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Instagram: Twitter:​​ Facebook:​​ Produced by Melissa Murphy. Thumbnail photo by Jason Deckman (Deckman's World) Theme song - On My Way by Michael Carubelli (used by permission)

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