Episode 13 - Connecting The Dots (Wes Perryman) Part 2

Tim Murphy and Steve Peters of Hello Texas bring you their take on Texas Music, Texas Photography, and Texas Fun

In Part 2 this week, Tim and Steve continue their conversation with musician Wes Perryman. They talk about his the recording process of the Lilly and the Implements album, recording his solo album at Cibolo Studios, the recent passing of Chet Himes, and more of his musical influences.

Wes Perryman Music - https://www.facebook.com/wesperryman/

Lilly and the Implements - https://www.facebook.com/Lilly-and-The-Implements-403943390359902/

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Filmed and recorded at Perryman Farms in Moody, Texas.

Produced by Melissa Murphy.

Theme song - On My Way by Michael Carubelli (used by permission) https://open.spotify.com/artist/2vf9rrcbuNebe1zQ9oB2ZX?si=56eu7HTPSMWROgB59FLZ1w

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